• International durian brand famed across Hong Kong, China and Malaysia comes to Singapore in time for fresh durian delivery during durian season
  • New dine-in and takeaway outlet to be ready in August 2020; Located at Crawford Lane for customers to pick up their orders

(Singapore, August 1 2020) Hong Kong-based durian brand is leveraging its strong Malaysian presence in logistics and branding to capitalize on Singapore’s fresh durian delivery demand. Starting August 2020, DurianBB Singapore will be operational and serving its long-awaited Singaporean fans with a dose of top notch Mao Shan Wang durians shipped directly from Raub, Pahang to the newly established store in Crawford Lane.

From Raub, Pahang to Singapore

Established in 2015, the conception of DurianBB originates from the very simple idea of highlighting the fine gourmet quality in durians that is so unparalleled in any other fruits in the world. In view of the limited global accessibility to durians, DurianBB aims to reach out to durian lovers internationally, offering them the freshest durians at any time. The brand’s arrival in Singapore is testament to its dedication to serve durian fans everywhere. 

Joining the durian industry with a competitive advantage, DurianBB offers fresh durians and manufactures durian products from the highest quality yields from its very own farm in Raub, Pahang – known to be the land of where the best Mao Shan Wang durians come from. Adhering strictly to DurianBB’s golden “72-hour” rule, all fresh durians made available to Singapore have been curated and handpicked by their team of experts, then delivered by land from Raub to Singapore within a day’s time. Upon receiving the fresh yields from the farm, the team in Singapore will then unhusk and repack them into individual orders according to customers’ orders. The orders will then be sent on the day itself to customers at the freshest possible state, all while ensuring the entire process upholds the highest hygiene standards.

To place an order, you can visit www.durianbb.com.sg to check out the available products and on-the-day durian prices – then complete your order on the website itself. All orders will be fulfilled within the next day whereas orders placed before 3PM will be delivered on the same day.


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