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Same Day Fresh Durian Delivery

12pm to 7pm Daily

Only Within Klang Valley

Double Happiness

2boxes D197 Musang King  + 2boxes D24 XO
(350gx2boxes)          &        (400gx2boxes)

The King is known for its thick flesh,small core and melts-in-your-mouth goodness. Its long finish has a layered complexity,bittersweet in a savoury aftertaste.

Also known as XO, D24’s fame is only second to Musang King. Its creamy texture has a wholesome yeasty sweetness with a pleasant astringent pull on tongue. A connoisseur’s favourite.

D197 Musang King

Freshly vacuum-packed at our flagship, DurianBB Park, these D197 Musang King are selected from the best yields from our very own farm in Raub, Pahang. Adhering to the highest hygiene standards, these beautiful pulps are packed and delivered to you on the same day.

Delivery is within 24 hours, limited to only Klang Valley.

King-on-King Burnt Cheesecake

Some cakes are great for everyone, some cakes are crafted for an impactful presentation.

Unveiling the MSK Burnt Cheesecake 6″ topped up Musang King pulps, this cake is a great choice for true Musang King lovers. The indulgence is like no other.

Here’s a cake that will truly Delivers Happiness.

Note: Order one (1) day before the big day for timely delivery!