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Malaysia Souvenir Food: 11 Must-Buy Delicacies for Tourists

The vibrancy and uniqueness of Malaysia can be found not only in its diverse culture, historic sites, and stunning landscapes but also in its flavourful cuisine. When visiting Malaysia, you’ll undoubtedly want to get unique souvenirs to bring back a taste of the country with you. If you’re wondering which edible delights would make the perfect souvenirs, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll list out the top 11 must-buy delicacies every tourist should consider when leaving Malaysia.

1. DurianBB Popcorn

durianbb popcorn as souvenir food from malaysia

durainbb popcorn as edible souvenirs as well as a kind of durian snacks

durianbb park a place to get durian snacks

DurianBB Popcorn is not your typical snack. Made with top-quality, non-GMO corn from America, each kernel is air-popped to crispy perfection and then coated in a special Musang King durian powder, introducing a world-first twist to popcorn.

This innovative fusion of durian snacks together creates a mouthwatering treat, blending the rich taste of Malaysia’s favourite durian with the classic crunch of popcorn.

Packaged in a paper can to maintain its freshness, every bite promises a burst of delicious Musang King flavour. So, if you’re looking for a unique, tasty snack, DurianBB Popcorn is a must-try.

2. DurianBB Freeze Dried Durian

durianbb freeze dried durian as souvenir snack from kuala lumpur

durianbb freeze dried from the southeast asia

durianbb park

DurianBB’s freeze-dried durian is a pure treat, capturing the essence of the beloved fruit in its most natural form.

Using advanced freeze-drying technology, the fruit’s moisture is removed in sub-zero conditions of -40°C, extending its shelf life without compromising its genuine taste.

What you get is a crisp snack with a delightful texture, free from any additives, preservatives, sugar, or artificial flavours. It’s just the rich, authentic taste of durian, as Mother Nature intended, offering a healthier and longer-lasting way to enjoy your favourite fruit.

3. DurianBB Wafer

durianbb wafer from kuala lumpur as souvenir snackdurianbb wafer as malaysia souvenir fooddurianbb park

DurianBB’s durian wafer, weighing in at 80g, is a true Malaysian delight. Handcrafted and free from additives, these wafers promise a genuine durian experience in every bite.

As you enjoy the crispiness of the wafer, the potent durian aroma envelops your senses, offering a perfect blend of texture and flavour that’s both authentic and indulgent.

4. Dodol

dodol as unique souvenirs made

pasar payang

Dodol, a cherished sweet treat in Malaysia, is a delightful blend of coconut milk, palm sugar, and glutinous rice flour, cooked for hours to achieve its unique sticky texture.

Steeped in tradition, it’s not just a dessert but a symbol of unity, especially during festive seasons like Hari Raya. Different regions, like Melaka, add their twist, enriching the nation’s culinary tapestry.

For tourists, dodol offers a bite-sized taste of Malaysia’s rich history, making it a must-try and an ideal souvenir to capture the essence of Malaysian heritage in a single bite.

5. Instant Noodles

maggi instant noodles as great souvenirs to bring back home

maggi available in supermarkets

Instant noodles, a staple in many Asian countries, have carved a niche in Malaysia with their flavours encapsulating the nation’s culinary heartbeat. One standout brand is “MAGGI,” particularly its Maggi Goreng or curry variants, which have garnered a devoted following both locally and internationally.

While these noodles offer a convenient meal option, they also provide an avenue for tourists to take a piece of Malaysia’s rich flavour profile home.

Investing in a packet or two of MAGGI from Malaysia ensures tourists can relish a taste of the country long after their visit, making it a top choice for a culinary souvenir.

6. Sarawak Layer Cake

sarawak layer cake is a malaysian food and considered to be favorite souvenirs by many

kek lapis dayang salhah

The Sarawak Layer Cake, hailing from the East Malaysian state of Sarawak, is a vibrant testament to the region’s rich culinary artistry. This multi-layered cake isn’t just a dessert but a symbol of celebration, often showcased during festivities and special occasions.

Each layer, meticulously baked separately, results in a kaleidoscope of colours and flavours, ranging from the traditional pandan to modern twists like chocolate or strawberry. A prominent brand that resonates with quality in this realm is “Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah”.

For tourists seeking an authentic slice of Sarawak’s heritage, this cake offers not just a delightful treat but a visual spectacle, making it a must-buy souvenir to savour and share back home.

7. Cameron Valley Tea

tea from cameron highlands as a great souvenir to bring back home

Cameron Valley Tea stands as a golden emblem of Malaysia’s foray into the world of tea cultivation. Nestled in the serene highlands of Cameron in peninsular Malaysia, this tea is a product of the region’s cool climate and fertile terrains, resulting in brews that are aromatic and flavorful.

A visit to Malaysia isn’t complete without experiencing the vast green expanses of tea plantations, and Cameron Valley stands out among them. Its offerings range from the robust black tea to the more delicate green varieties.

Tourists seeking a tangible memory of Malaysia’s highlands should consider taking home some Cameron Valley Tea. Every sip promises a calming reminder of the picturesque landscapes and crisp air of Cameron, making it an ideal gift or keepsake for tea enthusiasts.

8. Kerepek

kerepek as one of many souvenirs in malaysia

Kerepek, or Malaysian crisps, offers a crunchy dive into the nation’s diverse snack culture.

Made primarily from local ingredients like cassava, sweet potatoes, or bananas, these crisps are deep-fried to perfection and often seasoned with spices, rendering a delightful blend of savoury and sometimes spicy flavours.

A popular variant is “kerepek ubi pedas,” a spicy cassava crisp that tingles the taste buds.

For tourists, kerepek presents an opportunity to carry a bit of Malaysia’s snack tradition home. Portable, delicious, and uniquely Malaysian, these crisps make for a perfect souvenir, ensuring each crunch takes you back to the bustling streets and vibrant flavours of Malaysia.

9. Tau Sar Pneah/Tau Sar Piah

chinese pastries can be bought as souvenirs in malaysia

Tau Sar Pneah, also known as Tau Sar Piah, is a cherished gem in the realm of Malaysian pastries. Hailing from the vibrant state of Penang, this flaky pastry is a mouthful of history, tradition, and flavour.

Filled with a sweet and slightly salty mung bean paste, each bite offers a harmonious blend of textures and tastes. Its origins are deeply rooted in the Hokkien community of Penang, symbolising prosperity and good fortune.

Tourists visiting Malaysia should undoubtedly savour this delicacy and consider taking a box or two home. As a souvenir, Tau Sar Pneah promises a bite-sized journey back to the streets of Penang, making it an essential memento for those wishing to reminisce about their Malaysian adventure.

10. White Coffee

white coffee are malaysian products and a great souvenir

oldtown white coffee sold in supermarkets

White coffee, a pride of the historic town of Ipoh in Malaysia, offers a distinctive coffee experience that stands out in the global cafe scene.

Made from coffee beans roasted in margarine and served with sweetened condensed milk, this brew boasts a creamy, rich profile with a hint of caramel undertones. Unlike its name suggests, the colour isn’t white but a creamy light brown.

Originating from the old coffee shops of Ipoh, white coffee is now a national favourite, with brands like “OLDTOWN” popularising it worldwide.

Tourists visiting Malaysia shouldn’t miss out on sipping this local delight. And for those looking to recreate the experience back home, pre-packaged instant versions are available, making white coffee a perfect Malaysian keepsake to enjoy and share.

11. Kaya

kaya as one of malaysians favorite souvenirs

Kaya, often referred to as “coconut jam,” is a delectable spread that is deeply rooted in Malaysia’s culinary fabric.

This velvety treat is crafted from a blend of coconut milk, eggs, sugar, and aromatic pandan leaves, resulting in a sweet and creamy texture with a hint of tropical fragrance.

Brands like “Gardenia” have been instrumental in popularising this delicacy, making it easily accessible to both locals and tourists. Smeared on toast, dolloped on local pastries, or paired with popular biscuits, kaya is a breakfast staple in many Malaysian households.

Its origin intertwines with the local Chinese and Malay communities, symbolising a blend of traditions and flavours.

For tourists, kaya presents a jarful of Malaysia’s sweet essence. Taking home a Gardenia kaya jar ensures that every morning toast can transport you back to the Malaysian breakfast tables. With its unique flavour and cultural significance, kaya is a must-have souvenir for anyone looking to encapsulate their Malaysian gastronomic journey.


In the rich tapestry of Malaysia’s culinary landscape, each delicacy and beverage tells a story of tradition, heritage, and flavour.

From the pungent allure of DurianBB products to the sweet embrace of kaya on morning toast, and from the robust depths of Cameron Valley Tea to the crunchy bites of kerepek, there’s a world of tastes waiting to be explored.

Tourists have the unique opportunity to not just experience these flavours but take them home, bridging the gap between memories and tangible keepsakes. As you traverse the vibrant streets and serene highlands of Malaysia, ensure that your suitcase is laden with these iconic delicacies, allowing you to revisit your Malaysian sojourn with every bite and sip long after you’ve departed its shores.


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