Who says durian and jewellery don’t go together?

Pandora Malaysia has proven this possible where the King of Fruits is immortalized in the form of a Charm!

In early April, Pandora Malaysia organized a media preview of the launch of the most special fruit where they delighted many durian fans with a double-dangle durian charm.

The double dangle of the charm takes inspiration on how the fruit is normally opened when eating. The mimicry invokes a lot of sweet memories of family get-togethers for ‘last kopek’ just right before Ramadhan.

On the day of the launch, DurianBB had the pleasure of serving the guests with our freshest fruitlets. You can’t get any preppier than this!

@PandoraMalaysia, Thank you for having us <3


Pandora King of Fruits

A double dangle, this charm mimics how the fruit is opened.

Press Release from Pandora Malaysia –

Hailed as the undisputed ‘King of Fruits’ in southeast Asia, the Durian is now immortalized in the form of a Charm exclusively by Pandora Malaysia and Brunei.

The outside of the fruit is casted in sterling silver, while the inside is made of Pandora Shine. A small Pandora Shine heart is etched on the spiky textured rind and the bestowed title of the fruit, “King of Fruits” is engraved
on the bail of the charm.

The collections will be available in all Pandora boutiques nationwide by 15th April 2021- which also includes the Mother’s Day & Raya Collection for the
upcoming festivities.


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