Contrary to belief, Hokkien Mee does not originate from the Hokkien province in China. It is a dish created by a Malaysian Chinese of Hokkien descent, thus giving name to the dish and creating a traditional, symbolic Malaysian cuisine. Hokkien Mee was created in 1927, by Wong Kim Lian, a Malaysian Chinese of Hokkien descent, who set up a stall in Petaling Street to sell his very own creation. His stall was called “Kim Lian Kee”.

 This new creation features the signature yellow noodles, pork slices, prawns, cuttlefish, vegetables, black sauce and fried lard, put together on high charcoal fire for a quick stir fry. Those who love some spice can ask for a dash of “sambal belacan”, a special chilli sauce to go into that hot wok of delicious mess! It might look simple, but the dish carries a unique flavour profile that keeps you wanting more.

You can have the noodles at Petaling Street, or you can choose to eat in comfort at Lot 10 Hutong. The taste is unmistakably Kim Lian Kee’s Hokkien Mee.

福建炒麵並非來自福建,而是來自源自於吉隆坡華人的傳統麵食,也是馬來西亞具有象徵性的美食。福建炒麵起源於1927年,是一名福建籍的華人—— 黃金蓮在茨場街開設了一家專賣福建炒麵的檔口,名為“金蓮記”。

福建獨家的黃色麵條和肉片,蝦子,花枝,青菜,黑醬油及豬油渣,用火炭持溫的大火拌炒。喜歡吃辣的朋友可以要求加入特質辣椒醬”sambal belacan”一起拌炒。看似簡單料理,但是味道確實如此獨特。

除了在茨場街能吃到,位於Lot 10十號胡同裡的美食廣場裡也能吃到這道那個獨特的馬來西亞美食——福建炒麵。

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