Satay is one of Southeast Asia’s food treasures. It is essentially a marinated meat skew, slowly grilled on charcoal for a smoky flavour. Many have traveled far into Kajang for the best satays, but in fact, you can spare yourself that journey! BB recommends the satay in Mook Thai Seafood Restaurant, right at Jalan Alor where you can have delicious satays too.

Malaysians use marinated chicken, mutton, beef and sometimes rabbit meat, and grill the chunks of meat on charcoal fire. Here, you will need to complete the satay experience with peanut sauce, “ketupat” – rice cubes and cucumber. Bring in a mouthful of satay dipped with peanut sauce, then another mouthful from a combination of ketupat and cucumber in peanut sauce. Mmm… That smoky, and slightly burnt aroma is forever a memory to behold.

Jalan Alor is where all of Kuala Lumpur’s street food come together. If you are coming for a food hunt, don’t miss out on that delicious satay in Mook Thai Seafood Restaurant.

沙爹是東南亞最具特色的美食之一,用特製醬汁醃製後的肉串,再用火炭慢火燒烤。說到吃沙爹,許多人都會想到家央 Kajang去,但是你其實不需要去到那麼遠吃沙爹,BB 推薦位於 Jalan Alor 亞羅街的 Mook Thai Seafood Restaurant 也能吃到一樣好吃的沙爹。


亞羅街是吉隆坡晚上最熱鬧的美食街,如果你打算來這裡覓食,絕不能錯過 Mook Thai Seafood Restaurant的沙爹 。

Mook Thai Seafood Restaurant

📍15, Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

⏰4:30pm – 6am