Durians reign as King of all fruits in Malaysia. Some find them irresistible, while some flee at the pungent aroma. In Malaysia, there are over 200 durian cultivars, and having to taste all of the durians in one go is a rather impossible task.



Right here in Jalan Imbi, you will find DurianBB Park, a spot where you will be able to taste different durian cultivars in one go with the legendary Durian Tasting Platter. Everyday, DurianBB selects five durian cultivars and places them on a single platter for the ultimate indulgence. The cultivars include Kampung Durian, Red Flesh, Golden Bun, XO and last but not least, Musang King. Every durian carries subtle nuances and unique flavour profiles, and if you have the chance to try the platter, you must follow the right tasting sequence in order to fully enjoy and savor each note! 

來到市中心Jalan Imbi的 榴槤BB 四季果園 就能一次性品嚐不同種類的榴槤 —— 榴槤品鑒盤。榴槤BB 精選5種必吃的榴槤,包括:甘榜榴槤,紅肉,金包,山頂和貓山王。每種榴槤都有不同的味道和口感,所以享用榴槤品鑒盤時,必須跟著次序品嚐才能吃出每種榴槤的特質。所有榴槤都是當日果園新鮮直送。


DurianBB Park has received raving reviews from multiple crowd-sourced review forums, including China’s DianPing, making it a must-visit for durian lovers from all over the world.
How can you miss this?

榴槤BB 四季果園的服務和品質在各大平台,包括點評,都獲得許多好評,成為了榴粉必朝聖之地,你怎麼能錯過呢?


榴槤BB四季果園 / DurianBB Park

📍 15, Jalan Kamuning, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

✆ +603-2110 3475 ⏰ 12:00pm – 11:00pm