Chicken Hor Fun is Ipoh’s local cuisine. To have a taste of Ipoh’s local flavour, you need not travel far! Right here at Jalan Imbi is Pau Kee Restaurant, offering the same authentic taste over the past 40 years. 

The key in Chicken Hor Fun is the sweet broth that combines the essence of fresh prawns, chicken and pork bone. All these years, the restaurant owner insists on using only Ipoh-growth bean sprouts and noodles, as it was told that the water in Ipoh is fresher, making it possible to grow juicy bean sprouts. The noodles are springy and set itself apart from other restaurants. Indulging in a bowl of Chicken Hor Fun needs the pairing of steamed chicken and dumplings.

Other than Chicken Hor Fun, Pau Kee Restaurant has also won the hearts of many returning customers with other cuisines. Even if you are in Kuala Lumpur, you musn’t miss out on Ipoh’s signature dish too.

雞絲河粉是怡保的著名道地美食。要吃到最原始味道的怡保雞絲河不需要去到怡保也能吃到,就在 Jalan Imbi 保記沙河粉茶餐廳,這是一家擁有超過40年的老字號。




保記沙河粉茶餐廳 / Restoran Pau Kee

📍10, Jalan Utara, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

✆ +603-2141 0535 ⏰ 7:30am – 5pm (Closed on Tuesdays | 星期二休息)