Corus Hotel presents first-ever gourmet durian dining in Kuala Lumpur

Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur, one of the city’s pioneer Hotels, launched its ‘Durian365@Corus’ promotion which was officiated by Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Yang Berhormat Tuan Muhammad Bakhtiar Bin Wan Chik. Durian365@Corus features dining of selected durian fruit in a specially-segregated and enclosed dining room all year round, believed to be the first-ever in hotels here, as well as promoting a range of uniquely-created durian desserts.

Yang Berhormat Tuan Muhammad Bakhtiar Bin Wan Chik said: “This is an exemplary private sector-led initiative, which not only promotes the premium varieties of durian from Malaysia’s very own plantations, it also supports the Government’s plans to go big on durian tourism.”

“I urge more from the private sector, such as Corus Hotel, to invest in agro-tourism facilities to attract tourists to have fresh durians within the comfort of an urban dining space, while encouraging Malaysians to support domestic tourism, in time for Visit Malaysia 2020.”

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Malayan United Industries Berhad (MUI), Andrew Khoo said: “The durian is very much loved by Malaysians and tourists, particularly those from China. While its pungent aroma and creamy custard flesh have proven divisive for the palates of some of our discerning consumers, the fact remains that the durian has long cemented its reputation as the king of fruits in this country. In fact, Malaysia’s durian is touted as the best in the world hence we should market it that way.”

“So, not only will you not find the “no durian allowed” signs at the Hotel, I am excited to share that we have invested approximately RM100,000.00 to create a first-ever “one-of- a-kind” urban dining place, aptly called “The Durian Room”, within the premises of the Hotel.”

The Durian Room draws inspiration from the more common cigar and wine-tasting rooms and will serve popular varietals such as Musang King and D24. This dedicated durian room is part of the hotel’s transformation plan to introduce more lifestyle elements into its services. Durian365@Corus also features a distinctive Durian Dessert Platter which consists of eight specially-created desserts such as the Durian Crepe, Durian Tiramisu, San Sebastian Durian Cheesecake and durian soft-serve ice cream, in its Dondang Sayang Coffee House.

Available daily from 12noon to 9pm, the platter is priced at RM78 nett for two, ideal for afternoon or evening tete-a-tete. Reservations for the Durian Dessert Platter and the Durian Room can be made through phone: (03) 2161 8888, email: More information on

Recipes by DurianBB

Crafted from the very passion of DurianBB, the dessert platter puts together a collection of gourmet bites created from genuine Musang King flesh, that are sure to delight your palate. With our signature Musang King Paste extracted from durians grown from our very own farm in Raub, Corus Hotel is set for a durian dining spread like no other. For 365 days a year, you can now indulge in a luxurious durian tête-à-tête right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.