Durians taste as heavenly as you can possibly imagine but when the smell lingers on your fingers (or worse, breath), it makes most of us cringe if we have an important function coming ahead or think twice before indulging… At DurianBB, we are happy to share some of the tips passed down to us from our forefathers and you might need these tips before digging your fingers into that mushy goodness. They might seem ridiculous but we swear by it.

#1 – Wash your fingers with water running through the durian shell

Before you turn a blind eye to the spiky shell, remember that every part of the durian is precious. After licking your fingers good, you can rinse your hands with water running on the durian shell. While this might sound mythical and unreal, the water is able to remove that pungent durian smell, leaving a clean, earthy smell to your fingers.


#2 – Drink Water from the Emptied Durian shell

This may not surprise you as it is a tip passed down for generations. Instead of throwing the shells away after rinsing our hands off them, fill them up with water and drink the water straight from the shell. Not only that it takes away that odor in your mouth, it can also cool your body after a durian feast.

#3 – Or, Wash your fingers with the Durian seed


We don’t know how does this work scientifically but apparently the durian sheds its own odor…. Remember to use the rub your hands against the brown seed instead of the white fibrous ends.

There you have it! If you’ve brought back durians without the shell, you can always use the seeds before throwing them out. Now.. Are you ready for some sticky, sweet and savory goodness?



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