After an entire year of waiting, DurianBB Mooncakes are back! As demand is high, we are now accepting pre-orders for these limited edition DurianBB mooncakes. For 2018, there are two flavors: DurianBB Signature Mooncake & Durian Crystal Mooncake.

DurianBB Signature Mooncake

Available in beautiful designer tin packages of four and eight, the DurianBB Signature Mooncake is back to stun family and friends with its rich durian flavors wrapped in a layer of aromatic buttery pastry.

Durian Crystal Mooncake

A new flavor in 2018, the Durian Crystal Mooncake is pure durian delicacy wrapped in the Hong Kong classic “snow skin”. Available in a package of four, you do not want to miss out on this!

Details are coming soon!


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