Sprawling over 10 acres of land in Sungai Klau, Pahang, DurianBB is now opening up the farm to visitors. If you have been wondering how has it been possible for DurianBB to carry fresh durians all the time, visitors can now witness DurianBB’s best kept secret.

With up to five different cultivars, Malaysia is proud to announce the launch of DurianBB University that opens up a whole new world to durian lovers. Here is the first batch of students who have graduated from a one-day workshop —

From witnessing the operations of durian stations that are in charge of distribution to learning about the different durian cultivars, visitors get to collect the fruits, clean them, open them with bare hands and enjoy them right at the farm at the peak of its freshness.

To find out more about DurianBB University, connect with us on Facebook here.


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