DurianBB Popcorn


Handmade, crispy and addictive!

The Musang King Popcorn is made from non-genetically modified corn from America. Under optimized temperature and moisture levels, the corns are air popped into ball-shaped delights, then coated with a layer of unique powder made from genuine Musang King durian, making it the world’s first Musang King Popcorn.

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DurianBB Musang King Popcorn

Our Signature Musang King Popcorn🍿! Taste it and you will fall in love!


DurianBB Popcorn - musang king durian popcorn in paper cans
Each paper can is packed with freshly popped, irresistibly delicious popcorn that's bursting with rich musang king flavour!
DurianBB Popcorn - mao shan wang durian popcorn
Addictively Crispy and Bursting with Flavor - Try Our Musang King Popcorn Today and Love Every Bite!
DurianBB Popcorn - musang king popcorn 2
DurianBB Popcorn - mao shan wang popcorn
Weight 0.70 kg

1, 4 (Free Tote Bag)