DurianBB Musang King Snowy Mooncake – Tin Ball Edition


The time is near for families from near and far, to celebrate what a full moon brings. This year, the long-awaited togetherness comes with the very happiness we deliver with the real deal.

A stunning DurianBB creation, back to wow your senses this Mid-Autumn Festival.


Purchase Box of 8, get 2 Musang King Snowy Mooncake - Tin Ball Edition
Purchase Box of 4, get 1 Musang King Snowy Mooncake - Tin Ball Edition
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Charming white for Musang King

New in 2021: Our best-selling cake comes with an option to top it up with 250g of fresh Musang King pulps for a durian-gasmic experience!

Crafted exquisitely to pure splendour, the DurianBB Mooncake is a delectable ensemble, enveloped in the sheer opulence of snowskin pastry.

Musang King Snowy Mooncake

Harvested from age old Musang King trees, these premium fruits carry golden pulps that are velvety in texture and complex in flavour. Savour the rich, aromatic and luscious tasting notes with every bite!

Each tin ball keep each happiness.

4 different expressions printed on the tin ball

Best Way to Enjoy

Remove from freezer (-18°C) and leave it to thaw at room temperature for 20-30 minutes without removing the individual sealed packaging. Once opened, indulge in the mooncake at the earliest. As a general rule of thumb, you should always consume the food you thaw on the same day and never refreeze it.

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