Durian Tasting Platter – Black Thorn Edition (5B)


Level up your taste buds when you learn the subtle nuances in every cultivar.
The signature Durian Tasting Platter handpicks by DurianBB Park.
The best yields from our very own farm in Raub, Pahang.
Adhering to the highest hygiene standards, these beautiful pulps are packed and delivered to you on the same day.

Each set comes with five pulps of different cultivars.

Delivery is within 24 hours, only in Klang Valley.

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Black Thorn Edition

Features : D200 Black Thorn, D197 Musang King, D24 XO and 2 other varieties (Subject to the seasons and availability)

Known also as D197, the Musang King reigns supreme in the realm of durian-dom. Bittersweet in a savory aftertaste.

Black Thorn, also known as D200, The dearest and rarest of ’em all. The pulps are known for its burst of flavours in a custard-like texture.

D24 Tan Sir OX Durian

A connossieur’s favourite. You ask why? XO’s unique flavour profile stems from its in-shell fermentation, mimicking yeasty cognac notes. Oomph!

2 other varieties (Subject to the seasons and availability)


1 Set, 2 Sets (Best Value)