DurianBB Home Chef

Introducing DurianBB Home Chef, an all-new series of home kits that allows durian lovers to try their hand at becoming a gourmet chef.

Our “fool-proof” home kit includes a detailed recipe card, measured portions of ingredients and DurianBB proprietary baking tools, together with our online tutorial videos - all to help aspiring pastry chefs nail the dish at their first attempt.

0% Chance at Failure = 100% Chance of Fun!

Delivering Happiness Into Your Hands

With over 100 recipes in our library to choose from, aspiring durian pastry chefs can pick what they love online and get the desired kits delivered to the comfort of their own homes.

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Put On The Chef Hat!

Have You Tried Our Musang King Mille Crepe?

Simple yet indulgent. Stack 18 layers of crepes with aromatic durian cream.

Every Kit Includes

Recipe Card

Recipe Card

Recipe Card

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Tools & Accessories

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